18 Jan

Picking the best pubs in Galway is a source of much debate and a fruitless exercise in many ways as there will always be pubs that some like and some don't. However many of the pubs in Galway have set themselves apart as establishments of superior quality,food, music and service. So for what its worth here is our list of the Top Ten Pubs in Galway  in no particular order.


Tig Coili

During the summer months you will always see people overflowing from its front door. As a traditional Irish pub experience Tig Cóilí has it all, great atmosphere, music and craic.

Tigh Neactain (Naughtons)

You will find this place in every tourist guide about Galway City that you will ever read and for good reason. There is simply no other pub in Galway that gets such a diverse and interesting clientele. Business people, actors, hippies, buskers and tourists all mingle in close confines, once inside the door all are equal here.

O Connells

Boasting one of the best beer gardens in Galway as well as being a unique and interesting pub. Superb location for Summer BBQs.

The Quays

Pronounced "Keys" for all those who don't know. Located in the middle of Quay Street, the Quays Pub is the perfect spot to grab a chair outside and watch the masses go by. Although a magnet for tourists and Irish visitors to Galway it has managed to maintain a local following and is something of a local institution.

The Front Door/Sonnys

The Front door is a cavernous premise accessible both from High Street and Cross Street.  This historic pub has been tastefully upgraded over the last few years and now incorporates four bars spread over two floors.


Monroe’s dominates the skyline in the west end of the city. Although seeming gigantic from the outside, once inside it has a warm intimate feel. The upstairs venues are usually full every Saturday.

Roisin Dubh

The premier live music venue in Galway City. "Roisin Dubh" is a Gaelic term meaning Black Rose in English. It was the symbol of Ancient Druids from the area and also a famous political song in Irish History


This premises is the epitome of what are often called “Old Mans Pubs”, and  you will find plenty of older Galwegians chatting over pints of Guinness. The relaxed atmosphere and friendly chat is a hallmark of this premises

Dew Drop Inn

This landmark premises at the end of Mainguard Street is known by many names but is known by many locals as Myles Lee. It also encompasses the next door premises known as An Tobar.


Bierhaus undoubtedly stocks the greatest selection of beer in the City, they even have a menu. They also have many speciality ciders and spirits. Bierhaus is located in the West end of the City and compliments the selection of pubs already in the area.

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